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Schneider Electric and NVIDIA Partnership for AI Data Centers

Schneider Electric and NVIDIA Partnership for AI Data Centers

With Schneider Electric’s extensive knowledge in data center infrastructure and the cutting-edge AI technologies from NVIDIA, they are proud to unveil the world’s first publicly accessible AI data center reference designs. These designs will revolutionize AI deployment and operation in data center ecosystems, representing a major milestone in the industry’s progress. Schneider Electric has partnered with NVIDIA to enhance data center infrastructure and drive innovation in edge artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twin technologies.

With this integration, collaboration between designers, engineers, and stakeholders becomes effortless. It speeds up the design and deployment of complex systems, while also cutting down on time-to-market and costs. Through a partnership with NVIDIA, Schneider Electric aims to delve into innovative use cases and applications across various industries, working towards its vision of fostering positive change and shaping the future of technology.

Partners, engineers, and data center leaders can make use of these reference designs for both existing data center rooms and new data center builds. These designs are specifically tailored to support high-density AI servers and liquid-cooled AI clusters, ensuring optimal performance. As AI applications continue to gain popularity and require more resources than ever before, the demand for processing power has skyrocketed.
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With the advent of AI, data center design and operation have undergone significant changes and become more complex. Data center operators are now focused on building and managing energy-efficient and scalable facilities, while also ensuring stability. During the initial stage of this partnership, Schneider Electric will unveil state-of-the-art data center reference designs specifically designed for NVIDIA accelerated computing clusters. These designs are optimized for various tasks such as data processing, engineering simulation, electronic design automation, computer-aided drug design, and generative AI.

With a focus on meeting the changing needs of AI workloads, the reference designs provide a strong foundation for integrating NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform into data centers. These designs prioritize performance, scalability, and sustainability to ensure optimal results.

AVEVA’s Digital Twins with NVIDIA Omniverse

Their main priority is to facilitate the implementation of high-power distribution, liquid-cooling systems, and controls that guarantee easy setup and dependable performance for the extreme-density cluster. With the collaboration, Schneider Electric aims to offer data center owners and operators the necessary tools and resources to effortlessly incorporate new and evolving AI solutions into their infrastructure. This will improve deployment efficiency and guarantee reliable life-cycle operation. Similar to an IT project manager, AVEVA, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, will integrate its digital twin platform with NVIDIA Omniverse, creating a cohesive environment for virtual simulation and collaboration.