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The New Era of Simulation

The New Era of Simulation

In a time already dominated by screens, the idea of a virtual persistent world, like the metaverse, may seem like too much tech for humanity to handle. But rather than seeing digital worlds as a replacement for reality, UCF researchers see them as replications that can be integrated naturally with a technology called digital twin.

The concept, which has been evolving since the ’80s, centers on creating virtual replications of the physical world — in real time. Possibilities include mapping alternate realities of the future, creating time capsules of regional histories and bridging connections to our natural world.

“Digital twin is a transformative technology that holds the potential to improve everything from manufacturing plants to medical procedures,” says Grace Bochenek ’98PhD, director for UCF’s School of Modeling, Simulation and Training (SMST) and the Institute of Simulation and Training (IST)...

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