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Certification by Simulation

Certification by Simulation Webinar Series

Simulation is at the heart of the evolution of certification. Innovative regulation can be an enabler, particularly in high-growth sectors where time to market is key, and budgets are under pressure. Broadening the role simulation plays in certification can maximise the value of physical tests, as well as make sure your energy and budget are saved for the “right” test. To embrace simulation as part of the certification toolset, a robust program of verification, validation and uncertainty quantification is vital, as well as getting to grips with risk analysis and predictive capability.

This cutting-edge webinar series from NAFEMS delves deep into what leading organisations are, and are not, doing to enable certification by simulation. We’re talking to industry experts, leading academics, and renowned simulation names worldwide, to bring you up to date on the true state of play in this dynamic sector of analysis.

U​pcoming Webinars

How Can We Use Modelling and Simulation to Support System Qualification and Certification Activities?
Wednesday 5 June 2024 | Online

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Past Webinars

The Three Paths of Modeling and Simulation Regulation
Tuesday 14 May 2024 | Online

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Certification by Analysis in Healthcare – In Silico Tests/Trials of Medical Products for the Digital Era
Tuesday 9 April 2024 | Online

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Ensuring Confidence in Engineering Simulation Results for Certification
Thursday 7 March 2024 | Online

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Modelling & Simulation supporting Certification in the Aerostructures Domain
Thursday 8 February 2024 | Online

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