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Powersys acquires SIMBA, enhancing next-generation power electronics simulation

Powersys acquires SIMBA, enhancing next-generation power electronics simulation

Powersys, a provider of next-generation solutions for fully optimized, production-ready electrical and electromagnetic systems design, has acquired SIMBA, a new generation power electronics simulation software. This acquisition supports Powersys' mission to move electrification industries forward, faster, by providing clients with innovative solutions that reduce time-to-market, increase design robustness and promote sustainability.

For over two decades, Powersys has enabled clients in e-mobility and charging infrastructure industries worldwide to manufacture robust, optimized electric components and systems. With the acquisition of SIMBA, Powersys now offers a new level of power electronics design optimization that allows for faster, more accurate simulations of converter systems of any scale. The SIMBA software integrates a Python module, providing even greater automation and optimization capabilities.

According to Vincent Capron, CEO of Powersys, "The acquisition of SIMBA marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We are thrilled to offer this new tool to our clients, as it will allow them to optimize their power electronics design for performance and manufacturability, reduce design cycle time, and ultimately promote a more sustainable future."

SIMBA's advanced variable time solver distinguishes it from other simulation software, enabling faster results without compromising on accuracy. This feature allows for extensive parallel calculations, further increasing the efficiency of the simulation process. SIMBA has already received positive feedback from users and is expected to become a major asset to the Powersys portfolio.