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Anne Creechan

Anne Creechan


Anne Creechan, NAFEMS’ very first administrator and event organizer, has passed away at the age of 81. Anne was one of the people who was there at the very beginning of the NAFEMS story, and without her the association simply would not have become as successful as it is now. She was heavily involved in the very first working group meetings, and in the transformation of the organisation from a UK government department to the independent, international non-profit that it is today.

For over 20 years, Anne worked hard to ensure the ship sailed smoothly. From managing the office, coordinating the very first NAFEMS World Congresses, selling advertising space in Benchmark magazine, looking after renewals, running events and training courses, she truly was the heart of the organisation. Indeed, anyone who was part of NAFEMS between 1983 and 2005 could be forgiven for thinking that Anne simply was NAFEMS.

Chairmen, chief executives, support staff, working groups and steering committee chairmen came and went in that period, but Anne was a constant. She made sure the offices ran like clockwork and always looked after the people she worked with. A determined, hard-working person with a wicked sense of humour and a love of travel, she will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her.

Our thoughts are with Anne’s family at this difficult time.

Anne Creechan

21st July 1940 – 20th August 2021