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The CAE Guy

The CAE Guy


the CAE guyThe CAE Guy has been writing a regular column in benchmark magazine since 2007, and as far as we know, he's still wearing his cloak of anonymity like a shield as he goes through life with CAE goggles on.

You may know him. If you don't, you definitely know someone like him. Or you are him. Are you?

He's in the trenches with all the other analysts: he sits in a cubicle; he's an aeronautical engineer; he does CFD analysis (although in his department they do all the advanced automotive CAE, so he's quite familiar with FEA;and even has an understanding of SPH from a previous job- we do love our acronyms don’t we?) that is used or ignored depending on the results; he has to deal with management, designers, stylists, etc.; he presents technical papers; he has to sit through other’s technical papers; he loves it when he “gets it right”; he enjoys being the one that “knows things”; and finally, it’s not that he hates computers or anything, he'd just rather read a book, play with his kids, or work in his woodshop after sitting in front of a computer all day.

And now he's on the NAFEMS blog. There goes the neighbourhood.