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Consultancy Services

Applied Computing & Engineering provides accurate, cost effective and timely CFD solutions to many industries including aerospace, automotive, marine, energy, oil & gas, food, pharmaceutical, metals and polymeric materials.

Operating since 1987 we have offices in the UK, US and France. Let us review your project together with you, to see whether a ‘pilot study’ might be a good approach. Our aim will be to help you understand more about you designs and/or process and to impact on cost, time and quality.

Software Services

We partner leading software vendors to bring their high fidelity products to CAE analysts helping them to get the very best from simulation and modelling:

• AutoMesh - high quality meshing tools for structured and unstructured grids
• FINE/Turbo - advanced CFD technology for turbomachinery
• FINE/Marine - fully integrated, marine dedicated CFD environment
• FINE/Open - general purpose CFD
• FIELDVIEW - fast, accurate CFD post-processing
• GLview - plot, visualise and animate FEA data
• ModelCenter - integrate and optimise across CAE disciplines

Technical Computing Services

Every organisation has its own set of distinct computing requirements. Which is why a commercial off-the-shelf solution is seldom an ideal solution, especially when you are dealing with large amounts of data or running specialised software.

Our extensive range of hardware solutions coupled with comprehensive training and support and our ability to integrate hardware seamlessly into your existing Windows or Linux network, gives you all the computing power you need to meet any challenge.

Our unique combination of technology and support will enable you to break through to new levels of productivity, experiencing, perhaps for the first time, what your code is truly capable of.

Consultancy Details

Tech Area: Simulation and Modelling Services
City: Daresbury
Country: UK