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C4D Pte Ltd

C4D Pte Ltd

C4D provides independent advice to help its clients achieve simulation best practice and develop appropriate simulation methodologies in order to realise their simulation goals.



We appreciate that it is not always feasible or even appropriate for a company to employ a specialist CAE team. But modern product development practices require simulation to be in the design loop to reduce development time, costs and ensure the product is fit for purpose with minimal physical prototyping and testing. As a result whilst many companies have invested heavily in their CAE software, they struggle to achieve the expected return on investment. Even for companies with dedicated CAE specialists, these individuals may not have the support network they need to achieve management’s expectations.

C4D guides clients towards setting meaningful, but realistic and achievable simulation milestones within a predetermined timescale. We identify the building blocks that are needed to reach the desired level of capability and help clients to source for the right tools and people to achieve the promised benefits of CAE.

C4D is also proud to have been appointed the regional representative of NAFEMS in SE Asia and works towards the further growth of their membership network in the region and meeting the expectation of members with plans to establish a tailored programme of regional events including training, seminars and conferences.

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