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DEMCON Multiphysics

DEMCON Multiphysics

DEMCON Multiphysics is an engineering agency with high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, particle physics, acoustics and electromagnetism. Many of our projects deal with multiphysics: a combination of various physical phenomena. Depending on the project, we use analytics, simulations or experiments or a combination to solve the specific problem. We are passionate about technology and difficult design challenges.

Typical markets and focus areas include:
Semicon, thermal management, hydrogen & energy transition, microfluidics, extrusion , radiotherapy & nuclear engineering, acoustics.

We use a variety of numerical methods, including FEM, CFD, CEM, LEM Monte Carlo, and system simulations, depending on the type of problem. Using our on-premise HPC cluster, we often deal with challenging and computationally expensive simulations. We use well-known software, including ANSYS mechanical, Fluent, CFX, FLUKA, SimulationX and COMSOL Multiphysics (certified consultant).

Being part of DEMCON, we have full access to all engineering disciplines, making us a one-stop-shop for any phase in product development. DEMCON is involved from an early idea up to a product and production.

With deep physical insights we aim to help you achieve your goals in research, development and engineering programs.