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Kemper Engineering Services

Kemper Engineering Services

Kemper Engineering Services, LLC is a multi-disciplinary team bringing over a century of experience. We focus on mechanical and process equipment, structures, and systems in a variety of industries. We also have related expertise in design-based consequence management relating to blast, ballistics, fire, chemical releases, anti-terrorism requirements, and extreme weather such as hurricanes.

Kemper Engineering

Our expertise includes using high end engineering analysis and simulations such as Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to address structural, heat transfer, flow, moving parts (kinematics, impact, blast, ballistics), and coupled physics (heat transfer between fluids and structures, flow-induced vibration, structural response to flow forces or heat transfer, etc.) as well as traditional methods.

Our main operation is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is in one of the US top cities for engineering with ties to petrochemical, transportation and fabrication. We also operate in Franklin, Louisiana to better support our marine, offshore, and agricultural clients. Our consultants support our operations in Louisiana and Texas. Kemper Engineering’s work has spanned the globe, working as clients to partner with other engineering firms or providing turnkey solutions. In many cases we have helped them develop patented or proprietary technologies.