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PROSTEP is an independent consulting and solution company. We are supporting internationally operating manufacturing enterprises with regard to the design and optimization of their internal and as well as company spanning development processes.


Our strenth is the combination of branch experience, process knowhow and technological competence. We offer our customers competent consultancy, comprehensive services and innovative solutions with regard to product lifecycle management. Our solutions grow with your requirements and guarantee for a quick return on investment.

CAE Integration by PROSTEP takes a holistic approach to address the challenges arising in the field of Simulation Data Management (SDM). Complex senarios are broken down into manageable steps that can be implemented and thus meeting the specific requirements and priorities of each organization. This includes simulation tool consolidation as well as the introduction of a simulation view of the product in parallel to the detailed structure known in design.

Relationships between simulation data and data of other domains (such as design) are maintained. Aspects of lifecycle data management including change management, versioning and long-term archiving of simulation data play an important role in the process dimension of the approach.

PROSTEP CAE Integration helps to manage tasks like;

  • Maintain a Product Context for CAE Information 
  • Make CAE Information Referable 
  • Keep Inter-relations of CAE Information with other Domains 
  • Manage CAE Information during the Product Lifecycle 


  • Methods of PDM as a Structured Simulation Data File Management Tool 
  • Documenting Design Reference States for Simulation 
  • Change Management for the Design Reference Basis 
  • Provision of Simulation with Design Information 
  • Provision of Simulation with Non-Geometrical Information 
  • Administration and Provision of Simulation Results 
  • Reconciliation of Simulation Results and Design Reference Basis 
  • Managing Relationships between design and simulation 
  • Introduction of a view concept 
  • Tool Consolidation 


  • PLM Consulting, Software Architecture, Data and Process Modeling 
    Evaluation, Selection, Customization and Implementation of COTS Tools 
  • Specification, Development and Rollout of CAE Integration Solutions 


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