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We at VIRO believe that the core task and challenge of modern technology is to shape the future. We believe that technological innovation determines the success of the industry. With the right mix of people and expertise, we help our clients to develop and optimise their products and processes.



Multidisciplinary engineering firm

VIRO is an international engineering firm specialising in project management and engineering. Our clients call on us to work with them on challenging industrial engineering projects. Our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria employ 750 people working on projects worldwide for clients in the aerospace, attraction building, automotive, energy, food, and industrial & utility building sectors, as well as in mechanical engineering, the maritime sector, the process industry, and the semiconductor industry.

Helping to boost performance

We have been helping our industrial clients to realise their projects and turn their dreams into reality for more than 50 years. Our engineers take a fresh look at the projects, both within VIRO and within the client's organisation, providing tailored advice and support for new and current products, machines, vehicles, production lines or production facilities within small enterprises and multinationals.

Together with the client, we look at how things could be done differently, better, and more efficiently. That means carefully-considered thinking outside the box with the aim of realising our clients’ ambitions. Inspiring, innovative, and dedicated.

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Consultancy Details

Tech Area: Engineering consultancy
City: Hengelo+Arnhem
Country: Netherlands