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CYBERNET Multiscale.Sim

CYBERNET Multiscale.Sim

Material design with simulation

Whether you are designing a new composite material or looking to repurpose existing ones, Multiscale.Sim™ can generate required anisotropic material properties faster by using its highly accurate numerical material testing capabilities based on homogenization theory.

Multiscale.Sim is an add-in tool for Ansys® Workbench™ environment, developed by CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD. of Japan since 2007 under the guidance of Professor Kenjiro Terada from Tohoku University. It also allows you to import analysis data from several other popular CAE software. Multiscale.Sim can solve non-linear material problems as well as linear ones. It's capable of evaluating macroscopic anisotropic material constants of a wide variety of composites including FRP, filler dispersed plastic, porous, and metal. Multiscale.Sim comes with a number of templates to easily create the microstructure.

Some of the top global companies from automotive to consumer electronics use Multiscale.Sim software and Multiscale.Sim professional services to surmount their complicated materials problems for more efficient material and product design. Materials engineers, researchers, and students around the world can now benefit from its data-driven materials design approach based on materials informatics.

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