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Typical EASA installation

EASA democratizes simulation so a far greater number of users can benefit, and also increase the efficiency by which experienced users are able to conduct modeling. It is especially relevant for companies who produce engineered-to-order products, and would like to include engineering calculations in the sales process.

EASA enables rapid and codeless creation of custom enterprise-grade web apps to drive your most valuable and frequently-used models and workflows. These web apps can dramatically simplify and streamline complex models, enabling non-experts to safely utilize them, even if they are completely unfamiliar with the underlying software that might be involved in the overall workflow.

Engineering workflows are traditionally executed through their respective user interfaces or front ends by manually operating each individual piece of software. EASA replaces these multi-step, manual processes with customized, intuitive user interfaces, in the form of web apps or portals. With minimal user input, the process can be largely automated, and run securely on back-end servers rather than end users’ local machines. This provides a flexible environment for the users—desktop or mobile—who only require a device with a web browser and internet connectivity

Software Details

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