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FEMtools Framework

FEMtools Framework

dynamic design solutions

FEMtools Framework is a multi-functional environment for advanced engineering application development, integration, automation and customization. The framework includes utility tools like data interfaces, database management utilities, parameter and response management, state-of-the-art data visualization, a scripting language and API function library.

Optionally, FEMtools Framework includes a standard finite element library, linear static, real and complex modes solver, frequency and harmonic response analysis. Alternatively, standard external solvers like ABAQUS, ANSYS, MSC.Nastran, I-DEAS or in-house solvers can easily be integrated and piloted as part of larger analysis processes.

This open and flexible CAE application development platform is used by analysts to integrate their tools, and create vertical applications that meet the specific requirements of an industry. A unique capability of FEMtools Framework is the integration of data resulting from experimental static or dynamic testing.

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