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FEMtools Pretest Analysis

FEMtools Pre-Test Analysis


dynamic design solutions


Pretest analysis tools are used to postprocess finite element analysis results with the objective to derive information that can be used to plan and optimize experimental tests. The FE model can be reduced and converted into a test model.

The quality and quantity of test data highly determines chances to successfully apply test-FEA correlation and FE model updating techniques.

Some questions that can be answered by pretest analysis are:

  • What are the optimal location and directions for sensors, exciters and suspensions from a set of candidate locations? 
  • Create a test model from a reduced finite element model and export in a format readable by modal test packages. 
  • Determine the directions normal to the surface of curved surfaces from the finite element model and use this information for transforming modal test results in Cartesian coordinates. 
  • Assess the influence of the accelerometer mass on the modal parameters. 
  • How many modes can be expected in a given frequency range. 

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