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Open Simulation Data Management

Open Simulation Data Management

Open Simulation Data Management

OpenSimDM is a Simulation Data Management scalable solution for engineers that need to manage their PLM/CAD/CAE information using either portable devices, a multi-user server system within the firewall or multi-organization cloud-based subscription services. It is based on the ISO 10303 (STEP) standard and supports structured data from various file formats, including AP203, AP209, AP214, AP242

The Jotne approach to this problem is to establish and use a common or master data unified repository in which product and process information from many sources (such as systems, companies, etc.) can be merged and consolidated. The OpenSimDM repository is designed to handle many product versions and configurations and to distinguish between information packages received from multiple suppliers and partners delivered to many customers. Using the ISO 10303 standards the Jotne solution addresses your requirements of interoperability, and Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR) as defined by the AIA/ASD standardization effort of the same name.

OpenSimDM will help its users to:

  • Provide single access to product structure, CAD models and CAE simulation data for your integrated teams

  • Allow your customers access to simulation information for maintenance and support

  • Perform user friendly product data management tasks in the engineering analysis phase

  • Support concurrent processes and manage resources for engineering tasks 

  • Support information longevity by data archival in an open standard format, AP209

  • Improve Information Quality Management

  • Prepare approved program analyses for long time archival

  • Improve communication with contractors and partners, using open and public available standards 

  • Reuse engineering information