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Fuel spill analysis during refueling

Particleworks is a CFD simulation software for evaluating the behavior of liquids with large scale deformation, such as water and oil. It specializes in the analysis of free surface and incompressible fluids with large scale deformation and is used in the analysis of fluid problems in a wide range of fields such as transmission and engine lubrication, motor cooling, flooded road running, agitation and mixing of chemicals, resins, food, etc., as well as sediment disasters and flooding.

Particleworks uses MPS, the Moving Particle Simulation Method, developed by Prof. Seiichi Koshizuka of the University of Tokyo. It does not require meshing of the computational domain as in the FDM, FVM, and FEM, and uses particles that can be moved based on the calculation results as computational points. Therefore, once CAD geometry data is imported, you can immediately move on to pre-processing for setting analysis conditions, significantly reducing simulation time and man-hours.

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