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Synopsys Simpleware Software

Synopsys Simpleware Software

Synopsys Simpleware™ software provides a complete environment for working with 3D image data (such as MRI, CT, micro-CT). As well as image visualization, analysis, and processing tools, the software offers export options for 3D printing and CAD, as well as bolt-on modules for CAD integration, FE mesh export, NURBS, and effective material property calculations.




Simpleware Key Features 

  • Extensive support for range of import file formats 
  • Customizable, intuitive software environment
  • Robust image segmentation and processing tools
  • Powerful measurements and analysis features
  • Exceptional surface meshing quality
  • Add-on modules for volume meshing, CAD integration, NURBS and effective material property calculation


Some of the benefits using Simpleware software: 

  • Easy-to-learn and customize
  • Streamlines process of going from 3D images to models
  • Guaranteed mesh quality for saving on workflow time
  • Adaptable to extensive range of applications (Life Sciences, Materials, Industrial….)
  • Dedicated exports to leading solvers (Abaqus, ANSYS, COMSOL…)

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