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Virtual Performance Solution

Virtual Performance Solution

Virtual Performance Solution is a highly versatile software application package for scalable simulation solutions and Multi-Domain Optimization.


Virtual Performance Solution

Comprising implicit and explicit solution schemes, Virtual Performance Solution allows engineers to assess the performance of their products early in the development process. It combines several applications, technologies, and cutting-edge options to effectively address industry challenges of accelerating time-to-market, reducing product development costs, and meeting quality targets.

Empowered by Visual-Environment, an open collaborative engineering framework, Virtual Performance Solution enables impact, crash, occupant safety, high velocity impact scenarios, optimization, as well as motion and dynamics analysis. Besides, ESI offers here an all-inclusive scalable simulation solution also for linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis.

All performance tests can be conducted using one core simulation model, thereby speeding up the model set up, reducing IT costs and training efforts.

Developed and validated in conjunction with industry leaders, Virtual Performance Solution enables high efficiency, transparency and traceability for multi-disciplinary Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) workflows.

“Using Virtual Performance Solution, we were able to meet the targeted performance in our design. We had very accurate results especially in the assessment of structural failure scenarios in crash conditions using ESI-Wilkins-Kamoulakos (EWK) damage and rupture model. ESI Group supports our product innovation by offering an all-inclusive scalable simulation solution: Virtual Performance Solution allows cost and time savings in our Product Development Cycle.”
Kazuhiro OBAYASHI, Integrated CAE Department Manager, NISSAN MOTOR CO. LTD.

Additionally, Virtual Performance Solution is efficient and user-friendly: it requires a single software installation, draws on a vast library of compute models (e.g. crash dummies, human models and barriers), and offers the user ultimate flexibility as it is open to third-party products.

Featuring PAM-CRASH.