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Nafems elearning frequently asked questions


Are these courses instructor-led live sessions or pre-recorded sessions?

NAFEMS e-learning classes provide live instructor-led sessions to allow attendees an opportunity to interact with the course instructor. Recordings of each session are also made available to all students afterwards. All NAFEMS e-Learning courses are accredited by NAFEMS and led by leading figures in the worldwide engineering analysis community.

What is the method of delivery for course material?

Each topic in the class is treated as a building block. The course instructor will provide interactive projects and will involve the students in the process via Q&A, email, the course discussion board and collaborative e-rooms.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

The maximum classroom size for an e-Learning course is 50 attendees. We do this to ensure a more interactive class environment.

Am I required to attend every session?

No. All sessions are recorded and available online for attendees.

Do any of the courses require particular software programs?

No. All courses are completely code independent. No software is required. It is recommended that you have a broadband connection and access to phone/microphone (VoIP access is available).

What should I expect to receive as an NAFEMS e-Learning registrant?

Full notes are provided for the students, together with personal passwords for e-learning backup material, bulletin board access, etc.

What is NAFEMS cancellation and transfer policy for eLearning courses?

Please note NAFEMS Cancellation Policy for NAFEMS eLearning courses is as follows:

  • Cancellation up to 5 weeks before the course start date: free of charge;
  • Cancellation up to 1 week before the course start date: 75% of registration fee non-refundable;
  • No show on the course: 100% of registration fee non-refundable 

NAFEMS Registration Transfer Policy:

  • An e-learning  registration transfer can be defined as either 1) a registration transferred from one person to another, or 2) a registration for a course transferred to the same course being offered at a later date;
  • An e-learning  registration can be transferred one time at any point before a course starts, free of charge;
  • If a request for an e-learning registration transfer is 1) received after a course starts, 2) for each transfer request following the first free request, or 3) for a transfer to a different course*, a $75 change fee will be charged to the registrant. 
    • *In addition to the $75 administrative fee, transferring a registration to a different course (e.g., Composite FEA to Basic Dynamic FEA) may potentially result in additional fees if the registration fee for the second course is higher than the registration for the first course. 

Am I allowed to share my notes or links to live or recorded sessions with my colleagues?

No, your registration is for one person. Sharing of links and materials will result in withdrawal of access and additional charges.

When will I receive my course certificate?

For those attending the live sessions, we try to send certificates within 2-3 days of the course completing. For those primarily viewing session recordings, it may take a week due to time required to verify your participation outside of the live sessions. 

Who do I contact if I have additional questions related to NAFEMS e-Learning?

Please email:


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