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Automation of plastic injection molding

Automation of plastic injection molding

Moldex webinar

Injection molding is a crucial process in the manufacturing industry - from aeronautical & automotive components to complex electronics to a simple cap of consumer goods. Automation of the plastic injection simulations during the development phase of a product can save considerable costs resources and, most importantly, time. Even in the initial phase of a project, professional simulation solutions help to determine the manufacturability of specific designs. For a plastic manufacturer, these precise data will reduce the correction loops significantly.

In this ‘Automation of plastic injection molding’ webinar, along with Moldex3D, a leading CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) product for the plastic injection molding industry, we will go through -

- Running plastic injection simulations automatically
- Discovering the ideal plastic injection parameters to produce a plastic component for NOVARES, global plastic solutions provider
- Deriving the best result based on customized criteria
- Driving multiple Moldex3D simulations on Optimus, an industry-leading Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) software platform

- Sophie Petraman , Application Engineer, Noesis Solutions
- Wilson Chien, Account Manager, Moldex3D


Event Type: Webinar
Date: 12 Oct 2022