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Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Future

Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Future

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In a year defined by inequality, learn how to design a future of equity

Are you curious about the possibilities technology can bring to solve pressing issues of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the UK?

On this course, you’ll hear from a diverse range of passionate voices from around the UK, including Audrey Indome, Tolani Shoneye, and Milena Sanchez from The Receipts Podcast; as well as experts, including Safiya Ahmed (Graphic designer and co-founder of Ricebox Studio), Charlene Hunter (CEO & Founder of Coding Black Females) and Charlie Dark (DJ, Poet and Founder of Run Dem Crew).
Empathy in Design Thinking increases the opportunities that technology can bring

By the end of this course you will be able to identify and interpret challenges and opportunities when designing a future where diversity, equality and inclusivity is not just a sideline, but a lifestyle.

You’ll develop an understanding of the fundamentals of design thinking – a non-linear and iterative process used by many technology companies, like Samsung, to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

Crucially, you’ll also learn the importance of empathy in developing powerful solutions to diversity and inclusivity challenges.
A playful and confident attitude to ideation

You’ll come away feeling educated and inspired to really drive change for yourselves, your community, and the world.

Throughout this course, you’ll build your confidence in planning, and articulating your own empathetic design ideas to bring the future of diversity, equality and inclusivity to life.
Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow

This course forms part of Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow programme, offering young people a chance to explore the role tech can play in solving some of society’s biggest issues.

Design the future. No qualifications needed.


Event Type: Training Course
City: Online
Country: FutureLearn
Date: 29 Jul 2022