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Developing your Neurodiversity Strategy

Developing your Neurodiversity Strategy

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When organisations want to introduce or expand existing neurodiversity initiatives, one of the most common barriers we hear is a lack of buy-in from organisational leadership.

Leaders and managers may be resistant to change, lack awareness of the benefits of change, believe change is not possible, or just generally be apathetic. This often results in tokenistic projects or 'HR / D&I initiatives' leading to at best, limited results.

In this interactive webinar, we wanted to pull together and share common approaches for you to consider when creating or developing your neurodiversity strategy.

Where might you get started? And when you have an idea of what you would like to do, what has worked elsewhere in creating the 'value proposition' or 'business case'?

We will discuss:

What neurodiversity is and why you should care
Why organisations should design for neuro-inclusion, and why many are not
Common approaches for you to consider when creating or developing your neurodiversity strategy
Common mistakes and pitfalls, and how to avoid them
The results of what happens when you design for neuro-inclusion

While every organisation and culture are different, we have found that many of the core questions and building blocks can overlap.

There will be lots of time for interaction and Q&A.


Event Type: Webinar
City: Online
Country: Online
Date: 18 Jan 2023