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Electronics Reliability Simulations to Optimise Product Lifecycles | Webinar Seiries

Electronics Reliability Simulations to Optimise Product Lifecycles | Webinar Seiries

Learn how electronic reliability simulation workflows can test your product for the major causes of electronic failures: thermal, mechanical and electrical stressors, and how you can implement design changes to optimise product lifecycles.

One of the biggest impediments to getting to market fast is unexpected failures during prototype or physical testing. This results in numerous design cycles, increased costs, and potentially losing out on market share. If you are a small or medium sized business that manufactures printed circuit boards (PCBs), then the solution is simulation.
By introducing simulation early in the design cycle, you can determine and predict reliability before physical testing.

Session 1: Electrical Reliability | 27 July 2023

What you will learn?

- Introduction to Electronic Reliability
- Reliability challenges in electronic design
- Impact of reliability on the performance and longevity of electronic devices
- How can Ansys help businesses reduce the cost of production by minimising the need for - physical testing by maintaining the reliability and integrity of your products.
- Demo
- Services available at Wilde Analysis to help business grow.
- Q/A

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Event Type: Webinar
City: Online
Country: UK / Online
Date: 27 Jul 2023