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Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Technology

Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Technology

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Explore how to create and advocate for gender-inclusive technologies to promote equality in society.

Discover the gender inequalities in technology

Technologies, on the whole, have been designed by and for men and, in some cases, replicate the prejudices and inequalities found in society. This has become even more noticeable as we become more reliant on technology in our daily lives.

On this course, you’ll explore the role gender has historically played within technology and learn how technologies can reinforce gender inequalities.
Justify the need for gender inclusion in technology

Problems exist at every stage of the production of tech products, services and systems, and there are huge disparities between the experiences of men and women in the tech sector.

You’ll examine the processes within tech and dissect how they could be improved by improving gender inclusivity. This will help you in advocating for gender-inclusive technologies within your own organisation.
Apply gender-inclusive tools to your professional and personal life

When engaging with technology, you should know that your needs have been considered by the people who are designing them. This is particularly true when thinking of the needs of trans and non-binary people, who exist as some of the most underserved in society.

You’ll delve into the different stages of development that technology goes through, including design, marketing, and communications. To design gender-inclusive technologies, gender needs to be considered at every stage of development, so you’ll discuss how gender can be taken into account at every stage to help promote equality.
Learn to create and advocate for gender inclusivity

On this course you’ll learn a range of different techniques that will help you to create or advocate for gender-inclusive technologies, learning with each other and hearing the perspectives of some truly incredible people along the way.


Event Type: Training Course
City: Online
Country: FutureLearn
Date: 29 Feb 2024