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Neurodiversity Week 2023

Neurodiversity Week 2023

Neurodiversity Week 2023

Taking place from the 13th - 19th March 2023, we're bringing you a series of 24 events across the week. We are delighted that all events are free of charge and open to all.

With over 70 speakers coming together (more to be uploaded to the website soon), we are hoping to offer you lots of insights through sharing individuals' lived experiences, as well as the expertise of professionals and advocates working in the field.

Some of the topics of our panel discussions include:

The Language of Neurodiversity
Creating a Neuroinclusive Classroom
Building a Neurodiversity-friendly Workplace Culture
Neuroinclusion in Further & Higher Education
Neurodiversity for Parents and Carers
Culture, Community and Class in Neurodiversity
The Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace
Neurodiversity and the Justice System
Neurodiversity: We don't all fit into one box!
Supporting the Success of Neurodivergent Learners
Neuroinclusive Design and Assistive Technology
The Experiences of Neurodivergent Women and Girls
Good Practice for Neurodiversity Professionals

Throughout the week, Team Lexxic are also bringing you 9 introductory sessions on neurodiversity. These events are open to schools, educators, parents, workplaces and whoever wishes to attend.

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Date: 13 Mar 2023