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On-Demand: Diversity & Inclusion: Build a bias-free hiring process

Diversity & Inclusion: Build a bias-free hiring process

Webinar On Demand

About this webinar

Companies that focus on D&I have higher levels of employee engagement, innovation, and retention.

Join Culture Amp and our partner Applied during this 25 minute webinar, the fifth in our January series, to learn more about how you can use data to drive your Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Removing bias from your hiring process sounds like a myth. It’s not. Hear Melissa and Kate discuss how you can use behavioural and data science to make recruitment smarter, fairer and easier. Melissa will also share the latest findings from Culture Amp’s Diversity, Inclusion and Intersectionality report.

Presented by
Melissa Paris - Culture Amp, Kate Glazebrook - Applied

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Event Type: Webinar
City: Online
Country: Online
Date: 30 Jan 2023