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pSeven User Conference 2023

pSeven User Conference 2023


Interested in Design Space Exploration and Hybrid Digital Twins? Consider attending P7UC2023!

pSeven User Conference 2023 (P7UC2023) is an annual event by DATADVANCE for all the customers, professionals from the industry and anyone interested in pSeven and pSeven Enterprise products.

Attending P7UC2023 is a great opportunity for design engineers, simulation specialists, data analysts and other professionals from various industries to come together to share experiences and address pressing issues in design optimization, predictive modelling and engineering automation.

This year the conference will be split into two subsequent tracks:
• The first focuses on pSeven Enterprise, a powerful low-code cloud-native platform to automate engineering processes and enable Digital Twins at enterprise scale. pSeven Enterprise doubles the productivity of application engineers and data analysts, while improving quality and efficiency of the simulation and/or ML-models being developed and deployed.
• The second will be dedicated to pSeven, a well-known Design Space Exploration (DSE) and predictive modeling desktop software, tailored for industrial applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, shipbuilding and other industries, that allows even non-math experts to solve challenging engineering problems and discover optimal product designs just in a few clicks.
This way, you can focus on the area that interests you more, or visit both and fully explore the functionality and implementation experience of both the desktop and cloud-native versions of pSeven product line.

The program of the conference will include:
• keynote speeches from CGI and CIMdata;
• many customer success stories, including Liebherr - Aerospace, Safran Tech, Dresden University of Technology and others;
• and of course overview of pSeven products for the new-comers.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Check details and register on our website:


Event Type: Conference
City: Online
Country: Online
Date: 18 Oct 2023