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Supporting Diverse Innovation

Supporting Diverse Innovation

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Investigate diverse innovation and why it matters

As businesses and governments look to new technological innovations to solve some of the world’s problems, there is increasing awareness that diversity and inclusion are vital for successful growth.

On this course, you’ll look at what diverse innovation is and explore the social and economic benefits it brings. This will help you to identify best practices to cultivate diverse innovation.
Explore how to create diverse work cultures and amplify diverse voices

It’s crucial that the development of innovations serve all of society and reduce inequalities, rather than widening them. In order to achieve this, diversity and inclusion must be embedded.

You’ll delve into the role of different identities and cultures in creating diverse innovation. This will help you to understand how to build work cultures that are diverse in order to ensure an inclusive group of innovators’ voices.
Assess the applications of diverse innovation in your own life

By dissecting what diverse innovation is and why it’s so important, you’ll start thinking about what you can do and how you can be held accountable. You’ll then be able to apply everything you’ve learned to your own situation, and begin to make a plan for how you can make changes and amplify diverse voices.
Learn from the experts in the field of diverse innovation

This course has been designed by The Creative Computing Institute to help you support diverse innovation. The lead educator is Mark Martin, MBE, co-founder of UK Black Tech, an innovation group that’s on a mission to make the UK the most ethnically diverse tech ecosystem in the world.

With guidance from Mark and other expert contributors, you’ll develop the tools and techniques you need to help you cultivate diversity in the workplace and advocate for diverse innovation.


Event Type: Training Course
City: Online
Country: FutureLearn
Date: 29 Jun 2022