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The 3C's that enable your competitive advantage

The 3C's that enable your competitive advantage

How the 3C's – Cost, Collaboration and Customization enable digital engineering transformation in your organization

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 – 10AM, 3PM & 8PM CET
Duration: 30 minutes

To embrace the full potential of digital engineering transformation, companies grapple with escalating product complexity. This comes with the imperative of reducing time-to-market, the challenge of collaborating with geographically dispersed teams, and the constant need to adapt to ever-changing market requirements, amidst the progress of digital engineering. How does id8, a cloud native, data-led collaborative engineering platform by Noesis Solutions, enable you to navigate through these challenges, with it's scalable & customizable infrastructure?

In this webinar, we will discuss how id8's infrastructure can enable organizations to:
* Create cost efficiency by optimizing the hardware and license resources according to usage.
* Customize the platform by extending the default functionalities with pluging in various data engines to produce, analyze and model data
* Enable collaboration with a flexible framework that can adjust on the authentication, authorization and security requirements of any organization.

* David Franke, CEO, Noesis Solutions
* Joost Van de Peer, Solutions Architect, Noesis Solutions

This is part 2 of the webinar series – Unleashing the full potential of your engineering data with id8. Watch the first part, where we introduce the platform with a free demonstration here -

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Event Type: Webinar
City: Leuven
Country: Belgium
Date: 12 Jul 2023