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Unlocking The Power Of Simulation For Design Engineers - 9th Feb @ 2pm

Unlocking The Power Of Simulation For Design Engineers - 9th Feb @ 2pm

Design Engineers today are under increasing pressure to deliver the best product in the fastest time frame whilst reducing product development costs.

They need to be able to deal with multiple CAD Formats and complete Reverse Engineering tasks when dealing with scanned (STL) formats, clean up geometry for simulation and get feedback in real-time to allow them to quickly iterate and explore design concepts through FEA, CFD and Thermal Analysis. They also need to be able to optimise designs through Topology Optimisation, whilst adhering to any manufacturing constraints associated with their chosen method of production.

This session will explore how a Design Engineer could use Ansys Discovery, a real-time multi-physics simulation tool to:

1. Import geometry, prepare models for simulation and complete Reverse Engineering tasks.

2. Conduct real-time FEA studies to explore factor of safety, select the best materials and optimise the part for Manufacturer through Topology Optimisation

3. Combine CFD with Thermal analysis to explore flow, pressure drops, cooling and temperature.

This webinar is for anyone that is a Design Engineer or involved in the analysis of designs.

* If you are unable to join, please register and we will send a recording to you afterwards. We will also make a free trial available for all attendees.

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Event Type: Webinar
Date: 9 Feb 2023