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Simulation of Complex Flows (CFD) - Applications and Trends


Papers are available to NAFEMS Members to download. Please login to download these documents. To find out more about the benefits of NAFEMS membership, click here.


Simulation of Flows With Free Surfaces

S. Muzaferija, M. Peric (CD-adapco, UK)


SimVis: Interactive Visual Analysis of Simulation Results

H. Doleisch, G. Stonawski, H. Hauser (VRVis Research Center, A)


Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of 3-dimensional Gas-Liquid Multiphase Flows

T. Frank (Ansys Germany GmbH, D)


A Tool for the Efficient FE-simulation of Cardio-vascular Flow

J. Müller, O. Sahni, K. E. Jansen, M. S. Shephard (RPI Scorec, USA); C. A. Taylor (Stanford University, USA)


Model Development and Finite Element Flow Simulation in Computational Analysis of Rotary Blood Pumps

M. Behr (RWTH Aachen, D)


Flow, Heat Conductivity, and Gas Diffusion in Partly Saturated Microstructures

V. Schulz, D. Kehrwald, A. Wiegmann, K. Steiner (Fraunhofer-ITWM, D)


Thermal Load Determination Using RANS/LES Methods for Structural Integrity Evaluation of Power Plant Components

S. Ertem-Müller, L. Gerstner, M. Schippers (Framatome ANP GmbH, D)


The Mixing Behaviour of non-Newtonian Fluids in a Stirred Tank

W. F. Schierholz (Tecosim GmbH, D)


Time-Based Nonlinear Aeroelastic Analyses using CFD-Fastran

E. Blosch, M. Megahed (ESI – CFD, USA)


Fluid-Structure-Interaction with Abaqus and Fluent

M. Pelzer (Fluent Deutschland GmbH, D); M. Küssner (Abaqus GmbH, D)


Characteristics of the GDT Software Group Software Products

A. V. Zibarov, A. N. Karpov, I. Y. Komarov, A. V. Medvedev, D. A. Orlov (GDT Software Group, Russian Federation)


CFD Analyses of Effusion Cooled Combustion Chambers

T. Leicht, J. Riccius, O. Haidn (DLR e.V., D)


Modelling of Turbulent Swirling Flows with Emphasis on Gas Turbine Combustor Applications

A. C. Benim (Univ. of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, D); P. J. Stopford(ANSYS Europe, UK); K. J. Syed (Siemens Industrial Turbines, UK)


Coupled Calculation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow using MpCCI

U. Janoske (Univ. of Cooperative Education Mosbach, D); M. G. Lanfrit(Fluent Deutschland GmbH, D); C. Dehning (Fraunhofer SCAI, D); R. Habig (ThermoAnalytics Europe, D)


A Weak Compressible Flow Solution for Fluid and Air-Borne Acoustics Coupled Problems in a Nonlinear System

M. Zhu, A. Tabbal, M. Megahed, G. Pierrot, P. Ravier (ESI Group, F)


Black Box, Adjoint and Topology: Three Options for CFD Optimization

C. Othmer, S. Brück, C. Ehlers, T. Grahs, G. Röttger (Volkswagen AG, D)


CFD-Optimization with Altair HyperWorks

M. Ratzel (Altair Engineering GmbH, D); T. Hägele, S. Plüschke (Robert Bosch GmbH, D); J. Reichenbach (IAV GmbH, D)


The Simulation and Optimization of Complex CFD Problems under Consideration of Contradicting Objective Functions

H. Sippel (CAEvolution GmbH, D); L. Fuligno, C. Poloni (Esteco srl, I)


Simulation of Odour Exceedance Frequencies in Complex Flow Problems Measurements and Modelling of Full-Scale Concentration Fluctuations

T. Lung, K.-H. Krause (Gutachter- und Ingenieurbüro Lung, D)


CFD-Applications in Building Technology – Overview and Case Study

D. Gubler (AFC Air Flow Consulting AG, CH)


CFD in Formula One – Albert Opens Up New Horizons

T. Larsson (Sauber Petronas Engineering AG, CH)


Turbulence Modeling and Detachment: Simulation of Cabin Flow regarding Different Turbulence Models and their Comparison with Measurements

T. Grahs (Volkswagen AG, D)


Calculation of the Characteristic Diagram of an Axial Ventilator using CFD

T. Wolfanger, M. Lenartz (TLT Turbo GmbH, D)


Flow Simulation and Verification of Chip Disposal by Means of Air Current for Typical Hindrances on Machine Tools

P. Wieland (Univ. of Applied Sciences Zwickau, D); F. Weidermann (Univ. of Applied Sciences Mittweida, D);K. Schädlich (Fraunhofer IWU, D)


Papers are available to NAFEMS Members to download. Please login to download these documents. To find out more about the benefits of NAFEMS membership, click here.


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Wiesbaden Germany
Date: April 25, 2005