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Simulation versus Reality

The NAFEMS Seminar, “Simulation versus Reality”, was held on Monday 7/25 2005 at the Ford Research Laboratory, Dearborn Michigan. A total of 55 attendees gathered to hear presentations focusing on exploring the area of validating simulation, with particular emphasis on correlating with real-world testing.

Presentations from the seminar are available for NAFEMS Members to download below. Please login on the left to access the presentations.


Chairmans Introduction and Welcome (500KB PDF)
Tim Morris, NAFEMS


Biomechanical modeling of the human body - a challenge to simulate the real world (1MB PDF)
Jesse Ruan, Ford


Design Optimization for Six-Sigma Quality (6MB PDF)
Andreas Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions


Test and Analysis Modal Correlation using nodal interpolation methods (800KB PDF)
Tony Abbey, Noran Engineering


Best Practice of Leveraging Test Data with Simulation for Faster Vehicle Development (4MB PDF)
Tony Fleszar, LMS


FE concept applications in dummy model development (unavailable)
Fuchun Zhu, First Technology Safety Systems


Stochastic Fracture Mechanics Investigation of Test Specimen Size Effect on the Endurance Limit of 4320 Steel (300KB PDF)
Ed Punch, Punch Software Solutions


CFD Best Practice Guidelines - A process to understand CFD Results and establish Simulation versus Reality (450KB PDF)
Judd Kaiser, ANSYS


Ultimate Strength Study of Secondary Lever for Mustang ATX Shifter (2MB PDF)
David Thomas, Dura Automotive Systems


Integrating new mechanics technologies into the product design process (4MB PDF)
Brad Heers, ABAQUS


Dimensional Stability of Pre-Shaped Nylon-6 Tubes (1.5MB PDF)
Yi Zhang, Visteon


Simulation Process & Data Management (5MB PDF)
John Janevic, MSC.Software


SPOT Weld Optimization with comparison to reality test (4MB PDF)
Matthias Meise, Magna Steyr


Crashworthiness Simulation For Quality Prediction (5.5MB PDF)
Tau Tyan, Ford


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Dearborn, Michigan USA
Date: July 25, 2005