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Component and System Analysis Using Numerical Simulation Techniques – FEA, CFD, MBS

Component and System Analysis Using Numerical Simulation Techniques


FloWizard: Rapid Flow and Heat Transfer Modeling for Design

A. Bakker (Fluent Inc., USA); T. Andersson (Fluent Sweden AB, S)


Fluid Structure Interaction with Abaqus/Fluent

J. Granlund (Abaqus Scandinavia, S)
Paper not available


Design of a Vortex Flow Sensor Using CFD

N. Pedersen, P. E. Andersen (Grundfos A/S, DK)


Coupled Thermo-hydro-mechanical Process in Underground Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuels and Numerical Modeling

L. Zeng (ÅF-Process AB, S)


Multi-Physics is the Key to Economic and Quick Engineering Success

S. Radhakrishnan, A. Roy, K. Shah (ESI CFD, Inc., USA); M. Megahed (ESI GmbH, D)


Design Optimisation Applied to FEA, CFD, MBS

P. Grootendorst, F. Urban (EnginSoft srl, I)


Creating Weld Connections Using NEiNastran Surface to Surface Contact Elements

T. Chmielewski (FEMComp Engineering, S)


Arcweld FE-simulation of Large Aluminium Structures Using MSC.Marc for Volvo Car Corporation

A. Torvund, A. Jurinic (MSC.Software AS, N)


Application of CAE Technique for Stress and Fatigue Calculation in the Aeronautical Research and Test Institute

R. Doubrava (VZLU a. s., CZ)


Automated Durability Design of Crankshafts Based on MSC.Adams/Engine

J. Zeischka, M. Veltri, P. Adolfsson, U. Bruder, M. Coleman (MSC.Software, S)


Structural and Thermal Analysis of Carbon Composite Electronics Housing for a Satellite

H. Katajisto (Componeering Inc., FI); T. Brander, M. Wallin (University of Helsinki, FI)


Evolution of Mobile Phone Drop Test Simulation at Nokia

M. Theman, P. Poskiparta (Nokia, FI)
Paper not available


Automated Modelling of Flexible Printed Circuits Using Abaqus/CAE

A. Ptchelintsev, A. Ermolov (Nokia Research Center, FI)


Estimation of Noise Reduction in a Small Pump Using 3D Finite Element Model with Non-reflective Boundary Conditions in Ansys

B. Lundsted Poulsen, J. B. Nielsen (Grundfos Management A/S, DK)


An Model Based Design Study of Gearbox Induced Noise

U. Sellgren (KTH, S); M. Åkerblom (Volvo Construction Equipment Components AB, S)


Streamlined NVH Studies of Truck Engines in Ansys Using MBS Calculated Loads

M. Gustafsson (Volvo Powertrain, S)


Panel Embossing Pattern Optimization Method

C. R. Fredö (Ingemansson Technology AB, S); A. Hedlund (Volvo 3 P - Product Development, S)


Simulation of Bushing Wear

H. Strand (Volvo Wheel Loaders AB, S)


Improving Volvo S60 Super 2000 Supension Geometry

P. Blomberg (Polestar - Volvo Orginal Racing, S)


Simulation of Rotary Draw Bending using Abaqus and Neural Networks

N. Strömberg (Jönköping University, S)


Finite Element Analysis of Offshore Drilling Jar Connections

A. Schmidt Kristensen (Aalborg University, DK);
K. Toor, S. Solem (Tracs Information Systems Aps, DK)


Use of Advanced Structural Simulation Software to Supplement Moldflow/3D

N. Lerke (Nokia Mobile Phones, DK)