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Simulation of Power Generation Technology

Simulation of Power Generation Technology

The social, economic and political issues surrounding the UK’s future energy policy have kept the subject of power generation in the headlines for many months, with no clear direction in sight. One thing that is clear, however, is that regardless of the technology used – from traditional gas & coal power stations, to wind & wave generation and, of course, the nuclear option – advanced simulation will play a role in ensuring that the technology is as robust, as cost-effective and as efficient as possible.

This seminar brings together a variety of presentations from leading industrial experts, demonstrating how advanced FE simulation is being deployed to assist in the design, development and implementation of future power generation technologies.

Agenda and Presentations

Presentations can be downloaded by seminar attendees by logging in on the right-hand-side of the page using the username and password emailed to you.

Chairman’s Introduction
Alan Prior, Abaqus

Keynote Presentation  
Power Generation - The Future and The Implication for Simulation
Nick Otter, Alstom Power


The Challenges of Simulating Wind Turbine Blade Structural Performance
Christopher Monk, Vestas Technology UK Ltd.

FEA Simulations on JET ITER-Like Wall with an introduction to fusion technology
Vaughan Thompson, UKAEA Culham Division

CCOPPS : Certification of Competencies in the Power and Pressure Systems Industry
Jim Wood, University of Strathclyde

Analysis of Pressure Vessel Liners
Antony Hurst, EASL

Finger and Pole Tooth Cracking in Large 500MW Generator Rotors
Andy Morris, e.on

Simulation of Power Generation Technologies: An Overview
Alan Prior, Abaqus

Numerical Simulation and the development of the Pelamis W.E.C.
Jon Benzie, Ocean Power Delivery

 *image courtesy of GE Energy via MSC Software