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Methods and Technology for the Analysis of Composite Materials

NAFEMS Webinar Series

Methods and Technology for the Analysis of Composite Materials


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(Note: This broadcast is part of the NAFEMS vendor series that allows various solutions providers the opportunity to deliver technical information to the NAFEMS community. NAFEMS does not endorse any vendor, but tries to provide an unbiased view of the marketplace.)


In order to save weight, reduce corrosion, and provide improved performance, composite materials are being used in every industry from aerospace and automotive to consumer products and life sciences. Composite manufacturing techniques now allow entire composite structures to be fabricated in a single step leading to substantial manufacturing cost advantages. These advantages are spurring the latest large-scale commercial applications of composites, especially in the aerospace industry.

However, gaining an in-depth understanding of realistic material behavior through physical testing and traditional analysis methods can be time-consuming, costly, and often impossible.

This Webinar will provide insight into the latest methods and technology for modeling and analyzing the physical behavior of composite materials including material modeling, strength, energy absorption, damage tolerance, residual strength, and life estimation.

Topics will include :

  • Modeling of composite ply layups
  • Ballistic impact on unidirectional composite
  • Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID)
  • Woven fabric composite beam crush
  • Composite plate post-buckling behavior
  • Skin-stringer debonding
  • Delamination using cohesive elements

Case Studies:

  1. Assessing the Strength of z-Pinned Composites
  2. Modeling and analysis of Payload Fairing



Welcome & Introduction - Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North American Representative

Failure Simulation of Z-pinned Composites - Kyle Indermuehle, ATA Engineering

Advancements in Methods and Technology for Composite Material Analysis - Mr. Dale Berry, SIMULIA

Q & A Session



About the Presenters

Kyle Indermuehle, Project Engineer, ATAEngineering


Kyle works as a Project Engineer at ATA Engineering, an engineering consulting firm in San Diego, CA. Kyle has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University and an M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. Kyle has worked on a variety of engineering programs over the years including the Pratt & Whitney RL10B-2 rocket engine, the COBRA next-generation liquid rocket engine, test stand dynamic analysis for the JSF jet engine, several spacecraft programs, and performing test and analysis for the roller coaster industry.


Dale Berry,Director of Technical Solutions,SIMULIA

Dale worked with SIMULIA (formerly ABAQUS, Inc) since 1988 in a variety of technical capacities. Currently Dale is guiding the technical solution strategies in the composites, aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, and electronics industries. Through his work with SIMULIA’s Fracture Customer Review Team (FCRT), Dale is also responsible for driving SIMULIA’s fracture analysis strategy.


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