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Dynamics Testing and Analysis

Dynamics Testing and Analysis

Dynamics is becoming a crucial part of design and structural understanding in a range of fields.  With the ever increasing demands for structures to be faster, stronger, and lighter,  the dynamic demands on them have increased commensurately. 


This workshop drew together presentations from leading experts in the Aerospace, Civil, Nuclear, and Oil and Gas industries.  The role of both testing and analysis and their relevance to understanding dynamics in their respective sectors was explored through these presentations, as well as an open forum for relevant case studies and challenges. The event  also introduced the newly formed NAFEMS Dynamics and Testing Working Group, and outlined the role that the group has to play in the NAFEMS community.


The following themes were explored and discussed at the workshop -

  • Dynamic Finite Element analysis of structures
  • Dynamic Testing for: qualification and validation
  • Damping of structures
  • Structural variability and uncertainty
  • New methods for dynamic measurement
  • Aerospace, Civil, Nuclear and Oil and Gas sector initiatives in Dynamics


Introduction to the Dynamics Testing Working Group
Nick Lieven, Dean of Engineering, UoB

Aerospace Structural Dynamics
Jose Garcia, Rolls Royce

Vibration Testing and Monitoring of Civil Engineering Structures

Paul Reynolds, Sheffield University

Recent Experiences from Sea Trials of Modern LNG Ships
John Maguire, Lloyds Register

In Flight Modal Testing of an AW101 Helicopter
Rebecca Margetts , AgustaWestland Helicopters

Rapid Prototypes for Modal Validation
Kevin Garraway, AWE

An Example of Simulation and Test for Oil and Gas Pipework
Hugh Goyder

Future Directions in Structural Dynamics
David Ewins, Director of BLADE, UoB

Case Studies and Challenges
Open forum - all contributions welcome