FEA Modelling and Numerical Simulation - Advances and Practical Applications

FEA Modelling and Numerical Simulation

- Advances and Practical Applications



Simulation technology is generally well adapted in the industry and has become an inevitable tool for product development and optimization in many companies .

Most product developers constantly ask the questions of "What-if…?" and "Can we do this to our product…?" and tests with real prototypes have traditionally given the answers. Nowadays, such questions can easily be answered by simulating various loading scenarios of the product and hereby contribute with significant savings in terms of both, time and money.

However, most users still face challenges and as continuous development is taking place, new technologies and approaches are developed, information of improved practices and developments can be shared among attendants at this seminar.

Many challenges have traditionally followed FEA modelling and these have limited the use. Among these can be mentioned model size, discretization of very small features, computer performance etc., but recent development in both software and computer technology has minimized many of these and hereby made the simulation more useful. Both companies and universities constantly seek to improve accuracy of the results, time to analysis results etc. to benefit most from simulation.

Testing of products and implementation of testing results to obtain more realistic simulation is evident in reliable use of the technology and such methods, e.g. modal testing and subsequent model update, are also constantly developed to improve accuracy.

It is intended that attendants will get the opportunity to hear from others experts, from both industry and universities; how they manage to solve real-life problems from simulation of products during development, but also about new explorations, developments and similar from research.

Such improvements with examples of how difficulties are overcome by recent development are highlighted at this seminar.

The seminar is aimed at anyone involved in simulation at any level with an interest in how the technology has evolved at critical areas and how industry experts manage to solve challenging analysis problems. Attending is aimed at not just expert analysts, but also at a general and management level. As a main driver for simulation in general are business benefits during product development, the advantages of simulation also approaches people at management level. This is especially the case with companies not yet using the technology.



October 24, 2007

Optional: Guided tour through Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


Welcome and NAFEMS Presentation
Niels Dam Lerke (Nokia Mobile Phones, Denmark)
Member of the NAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee and technical coordinator of this seminar

The Business Benefits of Numerical Simulation Methods (FEM, CFD, MBS, …)
V. Sharan (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Sweden)

Use of CAE at Novo Nordisk
T. S. Hansen (Novo Nordisk, Denmark)

Coffee Break

Including Manufacturing Process Conditions in Droptest Simulations of a Mobile Phone
N. Lerke (Nokia Mobile Phones, Denmark);
L. Adam (e-Xstream engineering SA, Belgium)

FEA Modelling and Simulation in Automotive Industry; Solutions for Shorter CAE Cycles
S. Seitanis, S. Saltiel (Beta CAE Systems S.A., Greece)

FE Modeling and Numerical Simulation for Dynamic Analysis of Gravity Dams
A. Adya (Geometric Software Solutions Co. Ltd., India)

Sponsor Presentations

Hewlett Packard
S. Perzon (GoVirtual, Sweden)

Ansys Fluent
S. Olovsson (Ansys Fluent, Sweden AB)

Beverages and Snacks in the Hard- and Software
Exhibition – Sponsored by


Lottery of a HP Digital Camera sponsored by Hewlett Packard


October 25, 2007

Topology Optimization of Vibration and
Wave Propagation Problems
J. Søndergaard (Danish Technical University, Denmark)

An iSightFD Framework for Vehicle Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
C.-H. Chuang, R.-J. Yang (Ford, USA); M. Kayupov, M. Sheh (Engineous, USA)

Integrating Non-Parametric Optimization in Existing CAE and CFD Environment
C. B. W. Pedersen (FE-Design Nordic, Denmark)

Coffee Break

FEM and FSI Simulations of Impact Loads on GRP Subsea Composite Covers
K. Rognlien (Engineering Data Resources as, Norway)

Advanced Numerical and Physical Simulation as Basis for Flow Optimization in Flue Gas Cleaning Applications
H. Hassing (Force Technology, Denmark)

Surface Wrapping Technology for Industrial CAE
S. Ferguson (CD-adapco, United Kingdom)


Non-Linear Buckling Analysis of Tubular Wind Turbine Towers
B. R. Jensen (Vestas Wind System A/S, Denmark)

Nonlinear Multi-Scale Modeling of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics. Case Study: Drop Test Simulation of a Mobile Phone
L. Adam (e-Xstream engineering SA, Belgium); N. Lerke (Nokia Mobile Phones, Denmark)
Mechatronic Analysis of a Flexible Mechanism Using Samcef: Application to Robotics
M. Bruyneel, D. Granville (Samtech s.a., Belgium)

Summary and Farewell
Niels Dam Lerke (Nokia Mobile Phones, Denmark)

15:15  End


Seminar Details


Hardware and Software Exhibition

The seminar will be accompanied by an exhibition featuring the latest software and hardware developments. The exhibition is an ideal opportunity for hardware and software vendors.



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Optional tour through Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Guided tour through DTU on 24th October 2007. The tour starts at 09:30 by shuttle bus from Hotel Imperial (return before seminar starts). Although the tour is free of charge (only extra costs for the bus coach!) it is necessary to register in advance!

* All costs + VAT if applicable.


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