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Simulation Versus Test

Simulation Versus Test

Linking computational and experimental techniques in industrial applications

The real power of simulation and testing can only be truly unleashed if the two methods are used in conjunction with one another. This seminar was an industry led event in partnership with NAFEMS, Institute of Physics Stress and Vibration Group, and BSSM. It provided the attendees with a thorough overview of how modern simulation methods compare against data derived from experimentation, from a range of industrial case studies.

This event was the fourth in a series of seminars which have now become an establised annual event in the simulation calendar. Once again the event provided attendees with technical papers of genuine interest and educational value, a packed program including lively discussion and a useful exhibition area.



Presentations are available to download below for attendees only, using the username and password provided.


Tim Morris, NAFEMS Ltd.

Power Generation: Engineering Challenges of a Low Carbon Future
Andrew Morris, E.ON U.K. – Keynote Presentation

Correlation Between FEA and Test for a Range of Crankshaft Models in Simple Bending
Bob Johnson, DAMT Ltd.

Buckling Analysis of Mainline Aero Engine Shafts
Simon Nelson, Rolls-Royce

FE Implementation of Anisotropic Creep CDM Constitutive Equations for P91 Weld Metal
Sudhakar Peravali, E.ON U.K.

Comparison of Drop Test Results and Finite Element Analysis Predictions for a Dropped Waste Container
Chris Martin, ABS Consulting

Fatigue Analysis of a Seam-Welded Suspension Component Subject to Real Loading
Robert Cawte, nCode International

Practical Examples of Integrating Simulation and Test Taken from Ongoing Seminar Series
Laurence Marks, Simbiotic Design Systems & Rob Coles, m&p international

Dynamic Analysis of Gravity Dams by Finite Element Method
Akshay Adya, Geometric Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.