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Using FEA in Geotechnical Engineering

Using FEA in Geotechnical Engineering


This seminar promoted the understanding and use of finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering. The event pooled the knowledge of leading players in this field to provide attendees with guidance on numerical methods and the use of finite element analysis.

The use of finite element analysis techniques in geotechnical engineering is now more widespread than ever before. For example, simulation and modelling are frequently being used to form a clearer view of phenomena such as soil behavior and stage excavation which, until recently, was more of a research topic. Finite element analysis tools are being constantly refined and, in conjunction with the development of the related techniques and methods, these tools are assisting engineers in making their predictions as realistic as possible.


Does 3D Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnics Always Provide Added Value?
Anton Pillai, ARUP

The Application of Numerical Modelling to the Challenges of T5 Substructures
Yu Sheng Hsu, Mott MacDonald

Some Recent Applications of FEA
Andrew Mar, Coffey Geotechnics

Finite Element Modelling of Risk and Variability in Geotechnical Engineering
Michael Hicks, Manchester University

Design of Contiguous Bored Pile Walls in London Clay: Subgrade Reaction vs Finite Element Design, Total Stress vs Effective Stress- Implications for the Design
Aleksander Spasojevic, Gifford Ltd.

Modelling Piles and Rigid Inclusions in Mexico City Soft Soils
Juan Rodriguez, University of Mexico

The Use of Finite Element Analysis for the Foundation Design of the Burj Dubai Tower
Catherine Murrells, Hyder Consulting