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Simulation in Transport, Manufacturing, Structural Integrity and Vibro-Acoustic Problems

Simulation in Transport, Manufacturing, Structural Integrity and Vibro-Acoustic Problems

The first of these challenges requires that the development time of new products is shorter each time and the tendency is to replace more physical testing with virtual testing at all levels within the design and manufacture phases. The second challenge requires that the virtual testing has a high confidence level, thus providing the ability to verify any potential failure during the whole life of the product, even before the first prototype has even been produced.

In actual fact nobody doubts that simulation is nowadays an indispensable tool in the creation of new designs, especially in the aeronautics sector but additionally these techniques are being used intensively by many constructors within other transport sectors such as automotive, heavy vehicles, lifts, escalators, etc.

By integrating simulation tools within the design and production processes the sector is responding directly to the above challenges thereby providing companies with a competitive advantage in the threatening global competition.

This workshop provided vision of the state-of.-art of simulation within the transport sector by providing real life examples and industrial perspectives.



Fernando Rueda Guglieri - Ingeniería IDOM Internacional
Aplicaciones cotidianas del uso de la simulación en el proyecto de infraestructuras de transporte

Francisco Martinez - Principia, SA
Aplicaciones Avanzadas en la Industria Aerospacial

Gino Duffett - APERIO
Optimización de la fatiga de una Biela y un Cigüeña

Jorge A. C. Ambrósio - IDMEC/IST
Multibody Methodologies for Vehicle Dynamics: From Ride and Stability to Structural Integrity and Crashworthiness

Jesús López Díez - UPM
Simulación de la respuesta de estructuras espaciales a cargas acústicas

Marian Gutierrez - Labein
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