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Seismic Analysis using Finite Elements

Seismic Analysis using Finite Elements

Modern numerical analysis methods provide a valuable tool to engineers involved in the design or assessment of mechanical, structural and geotechnical systems which may experience earthquake loads.  Finite element analysis methods are firmly established as the most powerful method for simulation of structural response to seismic actions.   Safe and effective use of FE methods for seismic analysis requires a good understanding of structural mechanics, as well as knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of special purpose analysis methods. An appreciation of engineering seismology is also valuable. 


How to do Seismic Analysis using Finite ElementsThis one day seminar brought together experienced specialists from industry and academia who presented examples of recent use of FE methods for seismic analysis.  The objective of the event was to provide practical insight into the application of a variety of FEA tools to a range of earthquake engineering challenges.  The emphasis was placed on  the effective use of readily available analysis methods, rather than cutting-edge research activity.



The seminar accompanied the introductory book “How to do Seismic Analysis using Finite Elements”, recently published by NAFEMS.*


Earthquake Ground Motions and Seismic Hazard Analysis
Julian Bommer, Imperial College

Defining Earthquake Loading
 Ian Smith, Atkins Global

 Modelling Dynamic Soil Structure Interaction
 Rob May, Atkins

Boundary Conditions for Seismic Analysis
Andreas Nielson, Jacobs    

 Case Study: Geotechnical Structures
 Stavroula Kontoe, Imperial College

Case Study: Stack Stability
Rory Lennon, Royal Haskoning  
Numerical Structural Analysis - Quality and Transparency
Andrew Coatsworth, HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate  
Seismic Design and Analysis of Tall Buildings
Rob Smith, Arup

Seismic Analysis of Elevated Stations for Dubai Metro
Phil Cooper, Intec & Tony Copley, CTL