The Future of Simulation in the Automotive Industry

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The Future of Simulation in the Automotive Industry
AUTOSIM: Best Practices and Breakthrough Technologies


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For the past three years, major players in the European automotive sector have been working on a joint project to chart a course for the future role of simulation in automotive product development. Now they would like to share some of their findings with you.

Senior representatives from OEMs such as Renault, Peugeot Citroen, Porsche and Volvo have played a key role, with assistance from leading Tier 1 suppliers such as Robert Bosch, Faurecia and Pankl. Software suppliers, consultants and several prestigious research organisations completed the picture, to ensure that the findings were truly representative.

The work has focused on determining what constitutes current Best Practice , and identifying future Breakthrough Technologies . This has been done in three key technology areas:

  • Integration of Simulation into the Development Process
  • Materials Characterisation
  • Improving Confidence in the Use of Simulation

A number of future goals have been identified and examined, including:

  • Reducing the Number of Digital Prototypes
  • Becoming Faster in the Conceptual Design Phase
  • Accelerating the Model Preparation Phase
  • Robust Design
  • Design-to-Cost

During the webinar, a panel of speakers from the project provided a summary of the key messages from the project.

There is no charge for attending, and all are welcome to register for the event. All it will require is an hour of your time. You will gain an invaluable insight into how simulation is currently being used in the European automotive industry, and how this role will change in the years ahead.




Tim Morris, NAFEMS

CAE at Different Stages in Product Development

Hans Sippel, CAEvolution (Germany)

Integration of Simulation into the Product Development Process

Raimund Schweiger, Technostar Europe (Germany) and Günther Fabian, ViF (Austria)

Materials Characterisation

Trevor Dutton, Dutton Simulation (UK) and Marian Gutierrez, Labein (Spain)

Improving Confidence in the Use of Simulation

Jean-Marc Crepel, Renault (France) and Fabiano Maggio, Enginsoft (Italy)

How to Move On: Reducing The Number Of Digital Prototypes, Becoming Faster in the Conceptual Design Phase, Accelerating the Model Preparation Phase, Robust Design, Design-to-Cost

Hans Sippel, CAEvolution (Germany)

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1 This webinar is sponsored by the AUTOSIM project, which is funded by the EU, and coordinated by NAFEMS. Additional information can be found by visiting the following page: Project Overview.

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