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Simulation of Complex Flows
- Applications and Trends

 Manuscripts / Presentations

Simulation of the efficiency of static mixers at Sulzer
Joachim Schöck, Sulzer Markets and Technology AG

A Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Internal Mixing Processes of Hydrogen/Air Jet-in-Cross Flow Configurations
A. Mack-Gardner, Adam Opel GmbH

CFD of flows with high solid loading - options and limitations
Martin Weng, aixprocess PartG

Efficient Modelling- and Meshing Techniques for Design Studies in CFD Analyses
Ulrich Heck, DHCAE-TOOLS

High Performance Computing: Technology (and Business) Trends in CAE
Holger Holthoff, IBM Deutschland GmbH

CFD-Supported Design of Lifeboats
Hans Jørgen Mørch, CFD Marin

Fluid-Struktur-Interaktion: Überblick und Anwendungen bei Aerodynamik und Turbomaschinen
Johannes Einzinger, ANSYS Continental Europe

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of the Complex Geometry of a Technical Textile
Peter Farber, IMH - Institut für Modellbildung und Hochleistungsrechnen der Hochschule Niederrhein

Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Seals
Uwe Salecker, CFX Berlin Software GmbH

Simulation of the temperature in and in front of the friction contact
André Daubner, Institut für Maschinenelemente

Thermal Modelling and Analysis of Electric Arcjet Thruster TALOS
Stefan Hildenbrand, TWT GmbH Science & Innovation

Liquid lead flows in a cylindrical rotating facility-3D-CFD studies for nuclear ADS applications
Heinrich Muscher, IHM

Methods of description for bulk solids in a pipe bundle dryer
Christian Kaupper, Merkle & Partner

Port Timing Optimization of Axial Piston Pumps with CFD
Matthias Heinz, TECOSIM GmbH

On the Simulation of Water-in-Oil Emulsions in Gravity Separators
Chidambaram Narayanan, ASCOMP GmbH

Numerical simulation of roughness effects inside a brick-lined cyclone separator
Damir Kahrimanovic, Christian-Doppler Laboratory on Particulate Flow Modelling

Multi-Physics Modeling using CFD-ACE+ for Fuel Cells
Wolfgang Ottow, ESI GmbH

On Numerical Simulations of Powder Injection Molding
Dariusz Niedziela, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics, ITWM


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Wiesbaden Germany
Date: March 16, 2009

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