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Dynamics Testing & Analysis Workshop

Dynamics Testing & Analysis Workshop

Dynamics is becoming a crucial part of design and structural understanding in a range of fields. With the ever increasing demands for structures to be faster, stronger, and lighter, the dynamic demands have increased commensurately.

This workshop drew together presentations from leading experts in the Aerospace, Civil, Nuclear, and Oil and Gas industries. The role of both testing and analysis and their relevance to understanding dynamics in their respective sectors was explored through these presentations, as well as an open forum for relevant case studies and challenges. As well as the formal presentations, a session took place in the afternoon when delegates were set a pertinent challenge and then be split into groups to discuss.

Workshop Challenge

As part of the workshop, an interactive challenge was set for participants to complete in small teams, in which a “new product” was reviewed. This hands-on exercise required the teams to identify the dynamic features which influenced the products performance, they prioritised these features, and suggested ways of minimising the most serious adverse effects by appropriate design and/or testing measures. This exciting team challenge allowed participants to work on a specific project under the guidance of leading industry experts, which provided invaluable practical experience in the application of the techniques and theories discussed in the workshop presentations.


The following themes were explored and discussed at the workshop -

  • Dynamic Finite Element analysis of structures
  • Dynamic Testing for: qualification and validation
  • Damping of structures
  • Structural variability and uncertainty
  • New methods for dynamic measurement
  • Aerospace, Civil, Nuclear and Oil and Gas sector initiatives in Dynamics


The Dynamics of a Ball Screw Actuator
Brian Jarvis, Eatec Limited

Accelerated Durability Qualification of Vibrating Components
Trevor Walton, Westland Helicopters & Andrew Halfpenny, nCode International Ltd

Combining Dynamics Testing and CAE in the Aircraft Development Process
 Bart Peeters, LMS International NV

When the Measurement Data Doesn't Add Up - Troubleshooting Vibration Issues on a   
Submerged Pumping System
Robert Swindell, Bureau Veritas Consulting Ltd.

How to Deal with Resonance
Hugh Goyder, Cranfield University