NAFEMS European Conference on Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM)

European Conference:Simulation Process and Data Management (SDM)

24 - 25 November 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

Papers combined


Seperate Papers

Experience with 7 Years SDM at Audi
J. Reicheneder, K. Gruber (AUDI AG)



SDM – From Overwhelming CAE Data to User Oriented CAE Framework
B. Fachbach, M. Rosenberger (Virtual Vehicle Competence Centre Graz)



Assessment of Full Width Deformable Barrier Test CAE Simulations for Vehicle Compatibility
J. Coulton (Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH)



Setting the Scope of Standards and the Management of Simulation Data
P. Bartholomew (NAFEMS SDM WG)



Analysis of ATM Simulations using the “Extensible Workflow Management for Simulations”
A. Scharnweber (German Aerospace Center)



Integration between SDM and PDM at Alenia
D. Cannoletta, G. Iannuzzo, G. Mirra (Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.); A. Cantarutti (MSC.Software); G. Toso (Almatec-SUD); G. Turrisi (University of Salento)



Information Traceability in a CAT-CAE Data Correlation Scenario for Static Testing Evaluation at Alenia Aeronautica
M. Piccirillo (Alenia Aeronautica S.p.A.); W. Dehandschutter (LMS International)



Virtual Testing for Highlift Systems
T. Ulmer (Airbus Germany)



CAESAM: an Open Framework for Collaborative Model Based Engineering
Y. Radovcic, P. Morelle (SAMTECH Deutschland GmbH); G. Malherbe (SAMTECH France)



The Value of Simulation Process & Data Management – Lessons from a Decade of Production Experience
M. Norris (MSC.Software)


Simulation Data and Resources Management in the Context of a CAE Process
A. Korbetis, Z. Margellou, S. Seitanis (BETA CAE Systems S.A.)


The Application of Process Automation and Optimisation to Rapid Vehicle Development
J. Buchanan, L. Fredriksson, A. Burke (Altair Product Design)


Example of Full Model Build-Up Process in Collaboration with External Suppliers not having Direct Access to the Enterprise SDM Environment
Z. Petrovic (Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co. KG); G. Charalambidis, S. Seitanis (BETA CAE Systems S.A.)


Concept and Application Examples for CAE Data and Process Management with Teamcenter for Simulation at Ford Motor Company
U. Fox (Ford Motor Company)

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Experiences in Methodological and Software Implementation of SDM Solutions for Crash Simulations
M. Liebscher, M. Thiele, H. Müllerschön (DYNAmore)


Simulation Process Management for Seat Positioning
J. Seybold (Altair Engineering GmbH); R. Schönbach (C. Rob. Hammerstein GmbH & Co. KG)



Simulation Process Contemplating Generic Dependencies between Various Simulation
G. Syal (Daimler AG)



BMW 2nd Generation Simulation Data Management – Experience, Infrastructure and Migration
W. Schlüter, C. Tham (BMW AG)



SDM Strategy and Needs for Automotive Projects Development
S. Castellani, F. Dupuy (PSA Peugeot Citroen)



Simulation Data Management for the Interdisciplinary Development of Drive Systems
H.-G. Köpken (Siemens AG, Drive Technologies Division)



Collaborative CAD/CAE Integration - Bringing SimPDM to Practice
R. Anderl, S. Maltzahn (TU Darmstadt); M. Krastel (:em engineering methods AG)



Secure Your Simulation Knowledge, Processes, and Data
S. Schmid (Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA)



Managing Product Complexity by SDM-PDM Integration – Use Cases, Requirements and Solutions from Industry Projects
K. Theis, M. Grau, J. Boy (Prostep AG)



Automotive Solution:
Building a Discipline Focused Simulation Data and Process Management
M. Schlenkrich (MSC.Software GmbH)



Effective Data Management & Design Collaboration
M. Jenkins (Flowmaster Ltd.)

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Using Collaborative Simulation Process to Accelerate the Thermally Aware Chip-Package Design
T. Lehnhäuser (ANSYS Germany GmbH); S. Bhide, K.Karimanal, V.Krishna, K. Sahu, P. Gupta (ANSYS Inc.)



Increasing Process Reliability and Mastering Growing Demands on Simulation through PDTec’s SimData Manager
G. Staub, A. Mahl (PDTec AG)

Confining the Data-Explosion for Simulation Data
R. Iza-Teran, C.-A. Thole (Fraunhofer SCAI)



Affordable, Effective Simulation Data Management for SMBs and Workgroups
K. Peters (intrinSIM LLC)



eSDM (extended Simulation Data Management) in the Tendering Stage of Plant Engineering and Construction Projects
C. Donges, P. Tabbert (:em engineering methods AG)



Simulation Data Management with Distributed Engineering Sites at Tetra Pak
F. Lago (Tetra Pak); T. Raab (MSC.Software)