Fire Modelling in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Fire Modelling in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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Fire Modelling in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Fire, as a process, involves combustion reaction between species, fluid dynamics and heat transfer. Properly controlled, it provides one of the most important sources of energy. When it escapes the control, fire has a potential to cause a wide spread destruction. Based on the latest official data, annual economic cost of fire in England and Wales (2003) is approx. £7.7 bn. In USA (2006), this cost is staggering $317. Also, fire claims the lives of around 10-20 people per million of the population each year. These are the reasons for continues large interest in the science related to fire dynamics and especially in fire prediction.

Fire modelling is an area of computational modelling which aims to predict fire behaviour in different environmental conditions. Therefore, these computational models need to take into account fluid dynamics, combustion and heat transfer processes. The complexity of the fire modelling arises from significantly different time scales of the modelled processes. Also, not completely understood physics and chemistry of fire, add the uncertainty to the modelling process.

The lecture will present fundamentals of fire dynamics modelling. It will explain classification of engineering fire models and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The CFD simulation models will be described in more details. Some of more complex fire scenarios will be examined through CFD modelling examples. In conclusion, today's challenges and trends in fire modelling will be outlined and discussed.

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Welcome & Introduction
Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North America

Fire Modelling in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)                                                      Dr. Andrej Horvat, Intelligent Fluid Solutions Ltd.

Q & A Session

Dr. Andrej Horvat, MEng MSc NEng PhD

Fire Modelling

Andrej Horvat, PhD. is a principal engineer in Intelligent Fluid Solutions Ltd., which focuses on fluid engineering, heat and mass transfer, and CFD applications. In this role, he is responsible for management and execution of a variety of consulting projects for the client base in energy sector, process and chemical industry, construction sector and transportation.

From the start of his career, Andrej has been involved in development and implementation of different semi-analytical and numerical methods to fluid flow and heat transfer problems. He is an author of more than 20 journal papers and he regularly presents at science & technology conferences.


Dipl. -Ing.

Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, Slovenia



Nuclear Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Nuclear Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia



Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles