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Large Eddy Simulation Awareness Day

Large Eddy Simulation Awareness Workshop

Turbulence Modelling beyond RANS

Large Eddy Simulation, LES, is fast becoming more readily available in the major commercial CFD codes and from the internet. Computer power is increasing rapidly too, at an affordable cost, making it potentially easier to run simulations using such methods.

More CFD users are therefore becoming interested in learning about this method and its applications. While LES is very powerful it also requires some care to be used properly, as it is conceptually very different from RANS, the workhorse of industrial CFD.

This seminar started by establishing and comparing the fundamental assumptions supporting RANS and LES and, in doing so, highlighted what the true potential of LES is, as well as its limitations. It continued by way of a short review of the most common LES formulations before allowing time for the presentation of two key applications. The software and hardware requirement of running a LES simulation was also reviewed, to add a cost dimension to the information pack provided.

More affordable alternatives, so-called hybrid methods, based on LES principles, such as Detached Eddy Simulation (DES), were also presented together with examples of their applications and own limitations. 

With this combination of activities, delegate left the seminar having a better understanding of what LES can offer, to which problems it is suited and what constraints and costs it bears.



Chairman’s Welcome & Introduction
Althea de Souza, Quesada Solutions & NAFEMS CFD WG Chair person


RANS vs LES: The Essential Assumptions, the Key Conceptual Differences, 
Herve Morvan, Nottingham University Technology Centre & Colin Young, Rolls Royce plc.


LES at Rolls Royce
John Coupland, Rolls Royce plc.


LES Fundamentals, Flavours & Requirements
Lars Davidson, Chalmers                


RANS & LES Towards Noise Applications
Fred Mendonca, CD Adapco

Industrial Scale-Resolving Simulations
Aleksey Gerasimov, ANSYS UK Limited


DES & RANS, Application Vehicle Optimisation (OpenFoam)
R. Lewis, TotalSim


The Emerging Role of Hybrid Simulation Methods
Tony Hutton, ERCOFTAC