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Delivering CAE for the Nuclear Energy Industry

Delivering CAE for the Nuclear Energy Industry

Nuclear Energy is again back at the top of the agenda and the UK will benefit from a new generation of nuclear power stations. The design challenges for this next generation of plant require the use of tools which provide high fidelity and accurate design simulations across many engineering disciplines.  With recent landmark European Legislation there is now a new framework regulating the skills needed to work in this sector: “SQEP” (Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel). 

Are you ready for SQEP?

Seminar Objective

This seminar provided an opportunity to learn about Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) methods for the Nuclear Energy Industry, with presentations given by industry experts. The implications of “SQEP” were discussed along with the opportunities that growth in this sector may bring.  The aim was to highlight the challenges and opportunities of facing CAE for the Civil Nuclear Energy sector, over the coming years.


Getting SQEPed for Nuclear Industry
Nawal Prinja, AMEC Nuclear

'Fit for Purpose' Safety Cases in the Nuclear Industry
Daniel Clarke, AMEC Nuclear                        

Validation and Qualification
Dave Shepherd, NII

Innovative and Efficient FEM Tools and Methods at EDF R&D : How to Ensure  Reliability and Transfer to Studies
Christophe Durand, EDF R&D

The CCOPPS Educational Base - A Competence Framework for Simulation Engineers in the Power and Pressure Systems Industry
Jim Wood, University of Strathclyde

Use of Forging Simulation to Manage Supply Chain Risk
Jesus Talametes-Silva, Sheffield Forgemasters

Using Simulation to Manage Supply Chain Risk
Mike McCarthy, WildeFEA